Assist One Technologies, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1998, Assist One is an innovative business technology consultancy that knows how to get it right the first time. The Assist One experts understand that business needs to drive technology decisions and not the other way around, so you get serious answers to your pressing and complex business technology issues. We help you assess your business need, develop solutions based on your technology environment and manage your infrastructure to keep your business working.

Working with growth and middle market businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies, we focus on solutions in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Communications and Government sectors with an emphasis on emerging markets, business intelligence and risk management. You can trust that Assist One will not offer you a cookie cutter answer, but one that will meet your specific needs and help to not only sustain but also improve your business.

Whether it is designing a COOP/COG Plan for a government agency, developing a robust Business Intelligence transformation and reporting system for use by a Fortune 100 financial services company, designing a centralized transaction processing system for a global communications company, or creating a health data interchange system for a widely dispersed healthcare organization, Assist One brings a breadth of experience and a sophisticated approach that help optimize business operations. For Assist One, it's all about building cost-saving technology and gaining operational improvement.

At Assist One, we have long-term and successful client relationships because we follow a well-honed approach:

  • Comprehensive Methodology
    Ensures IT solutions efficiently solve complex business problems
  • Open Platform Approach
    Produces highly efficient unified systems and solutions across multiple platforms
  • Client Centric Focus
    Results in long-term relationships based on value, integrity and respect
  • Highly Qualified Professional Team
    Deploys best of breed services at competitive rates
  • Project Driven Internal Management
    Creates on-target and within-budget client solutions
  • Cross Sector Market Skill base (Horizontal & Vertical)
    Leverages lessons learned, advances and experiences from multiple client experiences