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Digital convergence has and is changing how the communications industry operates. As IT, telecommunications, consumer electronics and entertainment become one, smart communications companies are leveraging mobile, cloud computing and big data to transform not only their technology operations and processes but their product options and customer experience as well.

The industry is faced with formidable challenges as competition increases and the technologies continue evolving. Pressure is being felt on the IT side as companies increase their focus on new revenue opportunities. It is more important than ever that business operations are efficient, flexible and scalable. Innovation and speed-to-market are key ingredients for success.

At Assist One, we are expert at building and managing applications and IT infrastructures that are fast, efficient and elegant. We provide advanced data solutions, infrastructure development, security services and application services in this space to ensure that communications companies are nimble as well as secure.

Access to intelligent data has never been more important in this industry and at Assist One we understand the nuances of presenting data analysis via dashboards so that executives and managers at all levels are always current. As media options change so do interactions between communications companies and their customers. It is now the age of the video bill and direct access to companies by consumers through social media and interactive customer support, so it is essential that the communications industry provide solutions to meet this changing environment.

A snapshot of the projects that Assist One has delivered for its Communications clients includes:

  • Business intelligence
  • Custom transaction, analysis and financial reporting systems
  • Managed IT services
  • Enterprise risk management and security
  • Data convergence across multiple disparate systems from legacy to current generation
  • Embedded media, streaming and social media response in transaction environments

Success Stories

Integrated Cloud Portal

BI and Financial Reporting System

A Fortune 15 Communications company needed to produce customized business intelligence and financial reporting for their telecommunications clients

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Web-based Application Development

Government Financial Reporting Management System

A Department of Defense (DOD) organization along with the General Service Administration (GSA) looked to Assist One to build a Web-based financial reporting management system

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Integrating New Technologies

Video Billing System

A Communications company needed a partner to facilitate and manage the integration of a video billing solution for their end users

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