Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Systems Integration Services

In today's fast-paced world, competitive businesses need up-to-the-minute data to drive all of its business decisions. It's vital to a successful business that access to data is fast and efficient and that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

But with mergers and acquisitions or a non-centralized IT infrastructure, data and business operations are frequently housed in disparate systems causing deep inefficiencies and questionable data resources. Revamping an entire system is frequently out of the question as cost prohibitive and a threat to productivity. System and software integration can mitigate the risk of bad data by designing systems that can achieve lower-cost, higher performance IT by combining and connecting these disparate systems.

At Assist One, we know that system integration is an art as well as a science. It's not just about technology, but also about the people and processes that inform the technology systems. Our team is well versed on multiple architecture platforms and has the analytical chops to determine the tangible benefits and outcomes of an enterprise architecture so our solutions are designed to last and grow as your business grows.

Our clients have used our system and software integration services for infrastructure improvement and consolidation of data centers. We have integrated Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Peoplesoft modules into existing ERP systems to modernize operations. Data integration is essential in the design and development of business intelligence dashboards for executives and departmental business owners and we have used our knowledge of enterprise applications to provide these tools to our clients.

Whether you need a cloud-based integration or a re-engineering of a traditional in-house system, the Assist One team approach is to focus on how business operations can meet the needs of the business. We architect solutions that consider cost, performance and a company's aspirations. When we deliver a solution we offer full life cycle support and IT system maintenance to ensure a long-lasting answer to your ever-changing business needs.

Systems Integration services provided by Assist One include:

  • Enterprise application integration - Working to avoid any costly changes to existing applications or data structures, we integrate systems by linking applications to simplify and automate business processes to create efficiencies, save costs and open up new opportunities.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture - Using this industry-based software design methodology, we can create software applications that solve complex business problems by integrating discrete software services into a well-unified and coherent system.