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Financial Services

The world of Financial Services is a rapidly changing industry with its myriad of regulatory demands, intense competition and an ever-expanding global market. Companies need operational agility and a deep understanding of their own competitive positioning through data and analytics.

Customers are smarter than ever before and have little brand loyalty. The competition requires that companies in financial services provide a robust, flexible technology platform and individually-customized services. For financial management and insurance companies, expansion of services is today's driving focus and to be successful requires a technology approach that supports a better customer experience and the device-independent collection of customer data.

The Financial Services sector finds itself working with Big Data to develop better predictive and behavior models. Data is coming from everywhere -- traditional sources, consumer behavior trends, shared data sets and social media. Managing that data in a comprehensive, but easy to use manner, is paramount to success in this industry.

Risk management, business continuity and compliance continue to be essential in Financial Services. To ensure that an enterprise is secure enough, it is essential that a company's technology infrastructure and application frameworks are up to the task. At Assist One, we have practical industry expertise coupled with direct experience through our work in the Financial Services sector. We have been focused on this industry for more than 20 years and understand how to adapt technology solutions to shifting business models.

A snapshot of the projects that Assist One has delivered for its financial services clients includes:

  • Custom payment, billing, analysis and financial reporting systems
  • Business continuity planning
  • ERP, CRM, data center analysis and management
  • Enterprise risk management and security
  • Litigation Consulting and Data Analysis Support
  • Forensic Accounting (Data Mining, Extraction, and Analysis)

Success Stories

Business and IT Consulting

Product and Service Delivery Improvements

A Financial Services company specializing in providing Big Data analysis and business intelligence services needed improvements to its core business processes

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Data Mining

Forensic Accounting

A large East Coast legal firm engaged Assist One to provide advanced data mining services to identify and resolve litigation issues

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Business and Consulting

Change Management and Corporate Governance

A digital imaging and data storage product company needed help assessing their overall business operations and IT infrastructure

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Web-based Application Development

Government Financial Reporting Management System

A Department of Defense (DOD) organization along with the General Service Administration (GSA) looked to Assist One to build a Web-based financial reporting management system

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Integrated Cloud Portal

BI and Financial Reporting System

A Fortune 15 Communications company needed to produce customized business intelligence and financial reporting for their telecommunications clients

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Integrating New Technologies

Video Billing System

A Communications company needed a partner to facilitate and manage the integration of a video billing solution for their end users

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