Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Managed Technology & Technical Support Services

The complexity of a dynamic IT infrastructure and the myriad of applications required to align your technology solutions with your business needs is often daunting. With Big Data and analytics becoming increasingly important in a competitive environment, managing and monitoring all the pieces of your IT system is likely to tax your current resources and require additional training.

To support our clients, Assist One will architect the right solution for keeping the technology infrastructure and application frameworks running in a secure, compliant and monitored IT environment. Each business has its own diverse and unique IT needs and Assist One will provides the managed services required to meet those needs.

We can assume the day-to-day responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution for the applications and databases that are required to enhance your in-house systems. You retain full visibility into the process and management of your systems, while we keep the applications running, compliant and efficient.

Managed Services provided by Assist One include:

  • Application Management Services: We manage the operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading of an application throughout its lifecycle.
  • IT Infrastructure Services: We manage and monitor all the components within your infrastructure for security, disaster recovery and compliance either on-site or remotely.
  • Data Center Services: We provide full data center services that include system planning, processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise.
  • Enterprise Operations: We plan, manage and administer enterprise resources including enterprise-wide applications, IT network and architecture, integrated computer operations, IT security and 24x7 support services.
  • Cloud and Hosting Services: We provide safe, secure, compliant hosting services for your enterprise applications through both traditional physical environments and cloud-based solutions.