Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Our Approach

At Assist One, we approach each project and client relationship with a strong foundation in business process and technology development methodology. Our founding partners have deep roots in using technology to support business operations across a wide spectrum of industries so that they improve performance, save costs and develop efficiencies.

Our approach looks at the wholeness of both the business and technology systems. We always begin with an assessment of the problem that needs to be solved. What is the business problem? What are we trying to solve? We bring years of understanding of system integration and software development to bear on figuring out how to identify the problem and develop a plan for a solution.

To do this we often provide business process analysis, strategic planning and organizational alignment prior to determining the right technology solution. For other clients, the business problem is clearly understood and our clients need a well-developed piece of technology to improve performance or to create efficiencies. Assist One wants to solve problems and we bring a toolbox filled with assessment and planning tools as well as a clear, standard software development methodology with focused project management to design answers that are customized to each client.

We believe that what we build, we can also maintain so we offer a host of Managed Services to take the resource burden from our clients. Whether it is hosting or maintaining an application environment or ensuring regulatory compliance for a technical infrastructure, our team can manage those resources.