Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Big Data and Data Analytics Services

Almost everything in today's business world is reliant on data. Emerging business trends can be pinpointed, accessing the right metrics can make the difference between success and failure and operational efficiencies can be found quickly. Forecasting and predictive analytics are driving daily business decisions in the competitive worlds of Healthcare, Communications and Financial Services.

Business intelligence transforms raw data into meaningful information to help companies make sound, informed decisions. The age of Big Data confirms what we've known for a long time -- data comes from many sources and bringing that data together intelligently is both an art and a science. Assist One has been wringing business intelligence from data for decades.

Assist One has extensive experience in managing data and building data warehouses. We know the fundamentals and the nuances of designing data access so that it is meaningful and actionable. Data management is not all about technology, it's also about understanding how business works. We also know that data is useless without meaningful access. Data is meaningless without the ability to visualize and analyze it.

Visualization of data and analytics is key to access. Delivering the right data to the right decision maker in the right way is at the heart of customizable dashboards. Executive dashboards need to provide different information than business line dashboards. The consumer audience will soon use self-service dashboards to view the myriad of data available about their shopping habits to their health status. We help you determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed to deliver a focused, visual dashboard of data.

Big data and data analytics services provided by Assist One include:

  • Business Intelligence strategy, development and production - Because we understand business operation and Big Data, we help our clients define and implement strategies that begin with the design of the databases and data warehouses or the implementation of a cloud environment and end with a clear, understandable visualization of the data that is most meaningful to the viewer.
  • Database modernization and transformation - We have helped our clients by designing, building and transforming IT data centers as well as managing, supporting and auditing these data centers. We have conducted numerous assessments of data centers to help evaluate and improve the environments as well as developing quality control systems to ensure data integrity.
  • Data Management - Data management is more than just a set of interconnected databases, it is the brains that drive the business. Assist One is at the forefront of designing safe, reliable and scalable environments where Big Data can be used intelligently for making sound, informed business decisions.