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Emerging Markets & Private Equity

High growth companies drive innovation. They are the energy that sparks the economy. Many young companies are experiencing rapid growth while also experiencing the growing pains that results when they do not have the right tools for identifying markets, positioning products and managing communications and financial performance.

Early on, entrepreneurs and companies breaking into new markets and developing game changing technologies and business models need to make scalable, sound business and technology choices. Not only do these emerging market companies need a clear technology strategy, they also need application frameworks that focus on the capture and analytics of data from every available source.

This is true whether you are a growing business, merging with another business, launching a new product or streamlining operations. You must be able to change course quickly and to do so you need a nimble, well-conceived IT strategy that can accommodate new ideas and fresh thinking.

At Assist One, we have worked with fast growing companies in the Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Technology and Energy industries. We have performed business and technology assessments with these clients to help them develop strategies that focus on flexibility and scalability so they can adapt quickly to a changing business environment and to implement solutions that let their companies focus on the core business and achieve their vision.

A snapshot of the projects that Assist One has delivered for its Emerging Markets clients includes:

  • Mobile-to-mobile (M2M) Healthcare data capture
  • Continuous software release for large imaging application
  • Repositioned Life Science products for new markets and expanded product lines through business consulting and quality control analytics
  • Corporate reorganization and IT infrastructure improvement after M&A activity
  • Trend analysis created through an integrated data capture from Life Sciences clinical trials
  • Technology transfer for Life Science, Healthcare and Security and Defense clients

Success Stories

IT Consulting and Roadmap

M2M Mobile Health Plan

A healthcare provider needed a roadmap for machine to machine (M2M) mobile health planning and budgeting

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Business Consulting

Change Management and Corporate Governance

A digital imaging and data storage product company needed help assessing their overall business operations and IT infrastructure

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IT Infrastructure Assessment and Database Migration

Continuous Software Release and Update Strategy

A Radiology Imaging Management company engaged Assist One to evaluate their IT infrastructure and design an update software release strategy for end users in 47 states.

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