Assist One Technologies, Inc.

Application Services

IT organizations are constantly being asked to do more for less. Budgets are tighter, resources are leaner and the demands are greater than ever before to produce results. Current technology infrastructure and application solutions are being pushed to the limits and even the most up-to-date organizations worry about falling behind. To stay innovative, businesses need a technology partner who understands legacy systems and how to transform them into an efficient, modern application set.

Assist One helps organizations make the most of their existing application suites by designing infrastructure management and support programs. The team's approach is to find ways to make better use of an existing system by expanding functionality while also enhancing existing environments by designing and integrating new applications. Often, enabling technologies such as mobile support or moving to the cloud need to be brought into the mix to support business growth and new initiatives.

Our team focuses on unlocking the business value of its clients' technology platforms. If a new business operation is needed to support efficiency or cost-reduction, Assist One helps determine whether the current environment can be enhanced by creating a different workflow or if a new, custom application can be integrated into the system to seamlessly support a new or different business operation. We have extensive experience with Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and industry ERP/ERM applications.

The software engineers and developers at Assist One have years of experience in solution engineering, application design, development, testing and implementation of user-focused applications. Following the industry-standard systems development methodology, we develop high quality business applications that help you increase operational efficiency and sustain your competitive advantage.

Application services provided by Assist One include:

  • Application modernization - Working with your well-invested legacy systems, we help you align your business initiatives, help reduce cost of ownership and provide application flexibility by modernizing your applications suite with software enhancements and efficiencies.
  • Industry applications - We have extensive experience with a wide variety of industry-specific applications that help lower costs and simplify operations. While we focus on Communications, Government & Defense, Emerging Markets, Financial Services and Healthcare, we also have experience in the Manufacturing, Real Estate, Legal and Non-profit industries.
  • Custom application development - When standardized software packages don't map to your business operations, we bring our knowledge to bear on building custom solutions that do. We bring a deep understanding of business operations and a strong application development methodology to the table that helps design an application environment that will grow with your business.